#WorkPlacementWeek: Introducing Billy Robshaw

This week we have welcomed Billy Robshaw from Honley High School to work with Huddersfield Community Trust to support him during his work placement week. At Huddersfield Community Trust we are keen to support young people in everything we do, including those first footsteps into the workplace. Want to know more about our football fanatic student?

We gave Billy some quick fire questions and here is what he had to say:

Why did you choose to apply for a work placement?

I really enjoy everything about this company, I chose to apply to have my work placement here because I wanted to try a bit of everything such as media and marketing and working more hands on with children to help improve their skills.

What one thing do you want to learn from your placement?

I want to learn how to become a good entertainer with the children within The Zone and to be able to teach them a new skill. I’d also like to see how all the media and marketing works at the company.

What have you enjoyed the most at HCT?

I have enjoyed the NCS and the Marketing during my time at HCT. I found them very interesting and enjoyed helping the staff with their jobs.

Who inspires you?

I think all the staff inspire me because they are all very good at their job making me want to aim for the same goals.

If you could travel to anywhere in the world where would you go?

Dominican Republic

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

Road a buggy at fun speed over a jump and went flying! 

What would be your ultimate dream job?

Professional football player

What is your favourite sport?


If you could invite 4 people for dinner who would they be?

Messi, Ronaldo, Matthew Brown and Cameron King (Friend)

If you could swap lives with someone for one day who would this be?

Jeff Bezos