Walking Football At The Zone



Time: 11 am -12 noon (12-1pm during School Holidays)
Cost: £4 per session
Age: 40 years +

Maybe you’ve never considered playing football before, or you’re conscious of making sure you can still participate in a game you’ve always loved. Here at The Zone we are offering Walking football to anyone over the age of 40. At a grass roots level, this sporting phenomenon is proving to be a life changing game for all those involved.

Rest assured this game is no walk in the park, mental strength is needed to stop the urge of running in the game. Our Thursday afternoon sessions are a great opportunity to play, get active and meet new people. In line with The Walking Football Association we ensure that the sport is played safely with full consideration to all players, and most importantly at a pace that suits you.


  • Keeps you active
  • Reduces stress
  • Reduces risk of cardiovascular disease & strokes
  • Improves blood pressure & blood sugar levels
  • Improves balance & strength
  • Improves reaction times
  • Boosts self-esteem & confidence

There’s no need to rush off after the session either, we offer a hot or cold drink for everyone that’s played. Sit back in our Café Zone and catch up after the game!

Our game changing sessions are here to stay, so why not come and give it a go?

If you would like more information, please call Sports Zone Department Manager, Dan Wilczynski on: 01484 442277 / dan.wilczynski@huddersfieldcommunitytrust.co.uk

Still not convinced? Visit the The Walking Football Association to find out more about this sporting phenomenon and take a quick look at the EFL’s video below: