Huddersfield Community Trust Multi-Sensory Room Appeal

The Huddersfield Community Trust has recently submitted a proposal to a funding provider to acquire support and funds to have a multi-sensory room located with The Zone.

This community resource will ensure that children and young people from across Kirklees and West Yorkshire have high quality and accessible facilities that support the development of their physical, social, emotional, and mental health and wellbeing.

The multi-sensory room will provide a space that enables disabled children, babies and people living with dementia to explore and identify their emotions, support the development of core development skills such as: self-awareness, self-regulation, motor skills, and social and emotional development.

Babies, children and adults will benefit from regular access to a multi-sensory room that provides a safe-haven, a calming yet stimulating place that supports their ability to become self-aware and to achieve their physical, social and emotional potential.

Chief Executive of Huddersfield Community Trust Lisa Hewitt commented, I am very excited about this initiative, The Zone will be accessed by up to 10,000 individuals with disabilities or identified needs, per year.  The provision of a multi-sensory room will lead to increased holistic health and wellbeing and community inclusion. We will also have the capacity to invite families to have ‘Sensory Room Birthday Parties’ ensuring that children of all abilities can celebrate and socialise with their peers, within their own community. A multi-sensory room will provide a stimulating, yet secure environment that nurtures our children, giving them the space and time to develop essential skills such as self-control, self-regulation and empathy. Which are all essential elements in the holistic development of a child”.

If you would like to support this worthy cause please can you forward a testimonial/endorsement stating how the multi-sensory room would change your life and the benefits it would create for you and the children you work with, please forward these to