Read some of our fantastic testimonials and see what Cheerleading could do for your kids! 

“My daughter has never committed to anything. She joined “cheerleading” through a friend. I wondered how long this would last! She has continued to love, dedicate herself and thrive through her years now of joining. She has always put her cheer first, genuinely loves this now “sport”, the coaches, her team and the dedication of the parents. I would definitely recommend this to any parent whose child is looking for something that enables them to be motivated, committed and supported.”

“Our 10 year old daughter came to Competitive Cheer in September 2016.  She had previously done individual gymnastics at a different club, but she had stopped enjoying it.  Joining Giants Competitive Cheer Squad and being part of the team has been the making of her.  She is learning some very precious life-skills – that working hard leads to success, that there is ‘no I in team’ – that respect for others is key.   She has always struggled with self-belief, but thanks to the coaching she receives and the support of her team she is blossoming.  The commitment required both in terms of time and emotion is high – but the rewards are immense.”

“Our daughter has tried a variety of hobbies from horse riding to Guides but she never really took to any to them, what she really wanted was to do something different so she signed up to Cheer, she has now been Cheerleading for over 5 years. Cheer takes her out of her usual friendship circles & has made her lots of new friends or her ‘Cheer family’. Competitive cheer has especially pushed her to improve herself, want to do well & see the value of teamwork, it also keeps her fit & active – she loves it!”

“We thankfully discovered Giants Cheerleading Squad one cold January at the first friendly match of the season, when one of the current team were handing out leaflets about February half term camp.  The leaflet also highlighted a Cheer Leader team opportunity that would support the Huddersfield Giants Rugby League club at their home and some away games.  As a massive fan, my child just had to get involved in this… giving her little choice (well a tiny bit) we went along for a trial one Monday evening.  That was it…. Our lives were transformed from this point on!  After a few months training with the match day team, my daughter was invited to try out for the Giants Competition Squad where she successfully got accepted to the Junior Team.  This was where my daughter began to grow from a quiet, shy(ish) girl to a confident, amazing shining star.  I have no doubt that the hard work and dedication the coach has shown, the way she (our coach) instils the team to believe in themselves, has, 2 years on, made my daughter the amazing girl she is today.  She now competes in Junior, Senior and Junior Stunt teams and is one of the most dedicated team players I have come across.

“Myself and Adam would like to thank yourself and all your team for attending our event on Sunday 25th June 2017 for the 90th Ravensknowle Children’s Gala. The performance was absolutely amazing, and there was a large crowd watching your performance on the day,You did fantastic in the procession which can be very tiring for smaller children but this wasn’t an issue at all we also have had really good feedback from the public however i would also like to give a big thanks to Charlotte who I saw training the girls throughout the day and realize that this isn’t an easy task and believe she also deserves praising I think you all deserve a massive thank you from all of us at the Gala and would like to invite you back to our event next year. You have been a pleasure to work with and wish you all the luck in your nationals and hope you would like to return next year. Thanks for your stunning performances and hope to see you in 2018.”