Autumn 2014 Wave 1

Phase 1 of the program set off to a flying start as 29 young people began their journeys on the 24th of October 2014 on kick off day arriving at The Zone, Huddersfield wooly jumpers packed and ready for the cold. The teams were announced and after a four hour coach journey the young people arrived at Ford Castle, Northumberland already forming new friendships. From day to day the young people participated in a variety of challenging outdoor activities where there TLC skills where put to the test. This wave particularly enjoyed the canoeing in which they were challenged to pull themselves through a tunnel against the current. Night time was a highlight as there was laughter and enjoyment shared in particular the Halloween disco where all young people engaged in scary face paint and dancing the night away. As the weekend drew to a close, it was time to say goodbye and head straight to the service station for a McDonald’s and Costa coffee.

Phase 2 began and both teams became one. We started off at Bradley woods with Amy Johnson from West Yorkshire Sport who led a session on disability and delivering sports sessions along with activities such as writing with your other hand (dyslexia), blind fold team games and many more. Next on the agenda was to visit ‘Active Bodies’ to learn a variety of skills in self-defense and parkour. The remainder of the week the young people participated in Barclays bank money management skills workshop and charity workshops with Kirkwood hospice and forget me not children’s hospice.

As the weekend came and Phase 3 kicked off it was time to plan their fundraising events for their social action project. Both teams worked incredibly hard to plan and prepare just in time for the dragons den pitch. The Social Action Projects were very successful. ‘Team Ant’ ran a Sunday fun day and car wash for Forget Me Not Children’s Hospice amount raised £132.20, and ‘Team Erin’ ran a Saturday fun day and charity dinner at Maxi’s takeaway for Kirkwood hospice. Amount raised £661.38

“‘A lot of big northern towns face challenges such as unemployment, youth crime and anti-social behaviour and I think projects like this will help engage our youth and empower them to make a positive contribution in their local communities” – Itrat Ali, prospective parliamentary candidate for Huddersfield (conservative)

“This autumn has been a fantastic delivery. A quality that shone through from this wave was the fact that the majority came on the first day alone and not knowing anybody, not only this but we had a variety of backgrounds as people travelled from places like Dewsbury and Cleckheaton. For me this allowed them to find an even stronger bond as a cohort and it was lovely to see this grow. They have all been a delight and it has finished off a successful year for HTAFC NCS project.”- Katy Stockdale, NCS Coordinator

“It was a new experience at ford castle. We learnt how to be a leader and how to work effectively as a team. It was nice to be surrounded by nice people in a relaxed environment. I really enjoyed the canoeing element of the wave. We had to work together as a team to go under a bridge that had a strong current. I would recommend any 16-17 year olds to go on the NCS programme it was a great experience. Everyone was so friendly. I thought it was going to be really awkward but it wasn’t and I made New mates and keep in touch with the ones we have made. It was a great experience.”- Jack Senior, NCS participant

“It was great being able to know how to overcome fears such as heights, which I am not comfortable. We all supported each other well in overcoming this. Relaxed environment there was no pressure on any of us”. – Lily McKay, NCS Participan